Pending New World Record Elk Taken In Arizona

Airgun Hunting Legion Member Takes The Pending Air Archery World Record Rocky Mountain Elk

Airgun Hunting Legion is proud to announce the pending air archery world record for Rocky Mountain Elk taken by Dean Doster of Arizona. After reviewing the submission Doster’s bull unofficially scores 338 3/8th gross, which would make it the new world record for this species in the air archery category (Archery projectile powered by high-pressure airgun technology), pending an AHL official measurement. 

“We are thrilled for Dean and to promote his pending air archery world record for Rocky Mountain Elk,” says Airgun Hunting Legion Director, Jason Reid. Dean’s bull and his story is a great representation of the species and of the ethical power of hunting with air.”

Doster, who suffered a shoulder injury this year was able to secure a permit from the state of Arizona making it legal to hunt with a customized Western Big Bore to shoot air bolts. 

“In January I injured my shoulder and tried to rehab it, and nothing seemed to work,” said Doster. “I was debating turning the tag in until I talked to my friend Kip Perow from Airguns of Arizona. I told Kip what had happened to my shoulder and didn’t know how my hunt was going to go. He said to get a temporary crossbow permit and with this license you are able to use implements in the air archery category.  After I contacted game and fish they told me what I needed to obtain a permit and I did and was able to have a great hunt this past September.”

To see Doster’s pending world record submission go to


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