Dean Doster | 338 3/8″ |Rocky Mountain Elk

Record Stats

Rocky Mountain Elk
(Free Range)
Hunter: Dean D.
Gross Scoring Size: 338 3/8
Continent: North America
Date Harvested: 09/23/2020
Submission Date: 09/29/2020
Brand/Make: Western big bore
Model: Hybrid air bow
Category: Air Archery

Hunt Details

Finally drew an Arizona archery elk tag shortly after filling my javelina tag with a compound bow in January I injured my shoulder tried to rehab it and nothing seemed to work debated turning the tag back in for someone else to use or try my best to pull bow. Then I just so happened to work on an old friends truck Kip Perow I told Kip what had happened to my shoulder and didn’t know how my hunt was going to go he said no problem I got you taken care of Kip works at Airguns of Arizona so he told me to get temporary crossbow permit and with this license, you are able to use an air rifle that shoots arrows so I contacted game and fish they told what I needed to obtain a permit and I did. Next, I picked up the Western Big Bore the night before the hunt on the way to my unit I stopped to check zero with the air bow at 50 yds It was dead on later during the hunt I checked zero at 100 yds after using a drop reticle on the scope I figured out hold over at 100 yds also within a moa at 100 yds which was way more than I expected. After the first week of turning down many bulls the last part of the second week I had decided to take a mature bull that had been bugling in his bed after hours of sneaking through a thick burned area the bull stood up to rake a tree at 80 yards I had the confidence to take the 80 yard shot because the western big bore is so accurate I let one go and next thing I know the arrow passed threw the bull and buried into a tree leaving a blood trail that anyone could track. To this day this is the best bull I have killed even with centerfire or muzzleloader Kip said he would take care of the problem and near as I could tell he did just that I don’t think you will find a guy that knows more about hunting big game animals with an air gun or air bow for that matter he mastered doing it with centerfire rifle,handgun, archery long ago and pretty sure he will continue to do it with air guns. If anyone is interested in hunting with air guns on big game I would recommend calling Airguns of Arizona and talking to Kip he will get you on the right track of what is needed Thanks for the opportunity to post my trophy.

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