Video Review: Benjamin Bulldog .357 Air Rifle For Deer Hunting – The Management Advantage

One of the best videos showing the effectiveness of big-bore air rifles and bridging the gap for hunters having grown up with centerfire rifles is the Management Advantage video. Chuck Sykes demonstrates the lethality of a .357 air rifle and the benefits for big bore air rifles over centerfire rifles for deer hunting.

Here are the key takeaways from this video:

  1. This video contains several impact shots on both mature bucks, small bucks and does. The first buck shot in this video expires in fifteen seconds after the shot. Chuck’s big 230lb deer highlighting the video doesn’t even make it out of the food plot after a double lung hit at a distance of 75 yards. This video also shows a doe dropping in her tracks from a 357 quartering towards shot. We always want quick and humane kills on game animals, and this video is clear proof big-bore air rifles can accomplish the job. 
  2. After Chuck shoots his large-bodied buck in this video, he recounts that the rest of the deer feeding in the food plot returned within five minutes. If you are concerned with keeping your deer herd on your property and not spooked, hunting with a large bor air gun might be the perfect implement. 
  3. Chuck lays out a great argument here for using big bore air rifles in this video. He states he has had to help re-train people from bad shooting habits since they may have gotten started with too large of a centerfire caliber at a young age. The Airrifle alleviates the fear of recoil and the loud sound a centerfire rifle produces for youth and young adult-onset hunters. They can focus on shot placement and develop the right habits early on in their hunting development. 

If you enjoy quality impact shot hunting videos, you’ll love this video. Not only do you see great examples of how well an airgun works on a whitetail deer, but it lays out the case for why young hunters and new adult hunters should start hunting with a big bore air over a centerfire rifle. 


  1. Jerry Rutledge

    Which pellet is best to kill deer with this airgun?

  2. Jerry Rutledge

    Which pellets are best for killing deer with the zbulldog


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