Umarex Hammer Airgun vs Eland

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The Umarex Hammer 50 caliber airgun continues to be an impressive piece of kit. In this episode, the novelty of a visiting hunter with a big game air rifle is what prompted a landowner to offer us the opportunity to harvest one of his eland bulls that was in great distress; great, painful, pitifully empathetic distress. The eland is the largest antelope species in the world and will definitely put the 50 caliber Hammer to the test. Those who understand on-the-ground conservation practices can relate to this circumstance. For those who do not, please continue. While anti-hunters claim hunters are cruel, it is hard to imagine a more pitiful existence than this eland would experience during the rest of his short, painful life. To me, cruelty is having the ability to stop suffering and doing nothing while deriding those who act and do that which is humane. A well-placed bullet from the Hammer renders a quick and ethical death to this miserable creature while at the same time, providing delicious and healthy protein for indigenous Africans. This is the continuation of our story with the luxury safari outfit Matswani Safaris in South Africa.


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