Shayna M. – 137 6/8

Record Stats

Aoudad or Barbary Sheep
Hunter: Shayna M.
Gross Scoring Size: 137 6/8
Continent: North America
Date Harvested: 05/15/2021
Submission Date: 05/20/2021
Brand/Make: Umarex
Model: Hammer
Category: Air Rifle

Hunt Details

Hunting is a hobby for some and a way of life for many. I was introduced to the sport five years ago and it has become a growing passion of mine. I have only ever harvested small game and now I have moved on to bigger game... I never thought one day I would be a world record holder.... There is so much time, effort, and energy that goes into every single hunt. Every hunt requires skill, dedication, and attention. Each hunt teaches me something new that I didn’t know before. I genuinely love and respect the sport. It’s not always about harvesting an animal, just being outdoors I feel like brings me closer to God. I describe it as my sanctuary. In May of 2021, I successfully harvested an Aoudad. This hunt couldn’t have gone any more perfect. My fiancé and I watched the game all day and eventually they ended up making their way down towards us hours later. In those moments, I was shaking and so nervous. I watched the animal take a step forward- I took a deep breath in - exhaled and pulled the trigger. I took the shot 72 yards downhill. The Aoudad ran 15 yards and dropped, in that moment I grabbed my face and started crying. It’s beyond humbling and gratifying when you harvest any animal and most importantly take a perfect shot. This memory and moment- is something I will forever cherish and share for the rest of my life. I am beyond proud and thankful. As a hunter these are the memories & opportunities we live for.

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