Kyle B. – 68

Record Stats

Hunter: Kyle B.
Gross Scoring Size: 68
Continent: North America
Date Harvested: 12/14/2021
Submission Date: 12/19/2021
Brand/Make: Umarex
Model: Hammer
Category: Air Rifle

Hunt Details

A lot went into this hunt, more than most would expect. I had to spend a considerable amount of time considering what slug I was going to use that would be the most effective and ethical on a 1,000+ pound beast with long thick hair. The hardness of the slug and the effective distance were all important factors. Getting dangerously close and shot placement is what it had to come down to, not to mention wild cattle and especially Yak use the wind to scent predators no different than deer. The bull we wanted to chase had a long history on the ranch of being dangerous and he used his cows to buffer/protect him. He always put the cows between him and any potential threat. Being in Northwest Kansas there isn't much cover so trying to get to 60 yards on a dangerous bull with the wind in our favor and 10+ Yaks keeping a watchful eye was not easy. We used the ground itself and small sharp plants to cover our outline as my guide and I belly crawled 143 yards. As I got into position for a shot a cow spotted me and alerted the herd. Everything then moved at 100 mph and I made a quartering away lung shot. My follow-up shot was at 74 yards and two inches right of my first shot placement, but upon inspection that round never past hair and skin. All the prep work and belly crawling paid off.

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