Brandon L. – White-Tailed Deer

Record Stats

White-tailed Deer
Hunter: Brandon L.
Gross Scoring Size: 156
Continent: North America
Date Harvested: 12/03/2022
Submission Date: 12/13/2022
Brand/Make: Patriot air rifle
Model: 457
Category: Air Rifle

Hunt Details

This deer showed up thanksgiving week me and my brother in law were hunting him I went to the farm dec 3rd to check my cameras and saw him coming out of the woods in a pasture. He was 120 yards or more and I couldn’t get steady so once he started towards the back of the pasture I was able to put the barn between me and the deer and I was able to make it to the barn and I was able to get propped up before he came into view from the front of the barn he was steady walking at 75 yards I made a noise he stopped and I shot he only went 50 yards

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