New AirSaber Elite X2 Two Arrow Air Rifle Review : Umarex Airguns

Umarex USA, innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of airguns, optics, and accessories for the outdoor enthusiast is introducing the new Umarex AirSaber Elite X2—a double barrel side by side air archery airgun! Not only can it launch a full-length, 376 grain arrow downrange at a swift 450 fps generating 169 fpe, but with a quick push of the barrel selector switch zings an equally powerful follow-up shot in less than two seconds.

That’s two quick, accurate shots with enough brawn to bring down some of the largest, toughest game animals on the planet. How’s that for no strings attached?

This new PCP air rifle is simple to use. Fill it up with a high-pressure air compressor like the ReadyAir or use a 4500 psi airgun hand pump if you’re willing to do a workout. Slide two Air Saber arrows over the two air tubes, doesn’t matter which way the fletchings face, use the smooth low cocking effort side lever to charge the rifle once you have your target acquired. Make sure you know which arrow you’re about to shoot by looking at the arrow selector. If it’s showing on the left then you’ll shoot the left arrow and vice versa. Aim. Put the rifle on fire. Squeeze the trigger and let that arrow fly into your target. Be sure to use a crossbow target rated for 400 fps so you stop the arrows. You can always buy extra arrows, but better to have extra than to lose them.


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