Giant Wild BOAR Hog Night Hunt Umarex Hammer: Real Air Gun Hunting

Texas is always good to us Real Air Gun Hunters! Target rich hunting, fair chase, and great weather. That along with cooperating giant wild boars is what made this airgun hunt trip so good coupled with the Umarex Airguns Hammer. A .50 cal PCP air rifle. We did well. Big wild hogs are what I love to hunt and are my favorite animal to hunt with an air gun. It’s so fun and replicable. Everyone can airgun hunt hogs. For not much money by today’s standards, you can have a Umarex Hammer, ReadyAir air compressor, and a hog hunt for under $2000 in TX. That makes a great vacation and a hunt.

Don’t forget to check out those long-distance Exude lights in action. That circle of white LED light doesn’t use a reflector so wild animals don’t flare. They don’t run. And good for us that white light is better for the cameras and for you watching than green or red, although Exude Light comes with both red and green lenses if you prefer it. Don’t need ’em though.


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