Can a .457 Big Bore Airgun Pistol Harvest a Deer?

On my channel you will typically find me running the most powerful big bore airgun rifles available for the most ethical method of take for Deer hunting. But…. If you wanted to really challenge yourself and have the ultimate airgun hunting adventure up close and personal in that 10-40 yard shot range, a big bore airgun pistol could be up to the task.

* Check with your state’s wildlife agency and check out the Airgun Sporting Association regulations map for min. FPE and caliber requirements for your state:

Before you go into the woods all Dirty Harry style with a big bore airgun pistol, there are some things you need to know about about these big bore airguns and their lethality potential on big game. In this test, we teamed up with Rich Dudeck from Airgun Revisions to demonstrate the lethal effects of a .457 Don Cothran Stainless Steel Big Bore Airgun Pistol to see if we can hit the power and penetration needed to harvest a North American White Tail Deer ethically and under what conditions this tool could be used.

After months of testing, I can tell you this could be a tool to use, but it is much like how in the archery sector we look at crossbows, vs. compound bows, vs. traditional bow hunting and at what ranges and orientation of the deer that would I take a shot. In the right situation, like tree saddle hunting or hunting from an elevated blind in bow hunting ranges at very close ranges, this thing would be a blast to take a deer with! Check it out!


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