Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Oryx

Realtree Global Hunting returns for another epic air gun hunting safari.

The all-new Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle from Crosman has taken a variety of African game.

An astonishing seven animals have fallen to the mighty big bore air rifle, each one passing with just a single shot.

As the sun rises on the Eastern Cape, Chief of International Pro Team Ian Harford returns to Nduna for another adventure… this time hunting oryx.

In southern Africa, the oryx prefer more arid parts of the continent such as the Kalahari Desert.

This particular oryx was one of three on the estate. But unfortunately they haven’t adapted to the conditions here.

It’s an essential management task and key to the success of the estate to help sustain a healthy game population. It is appropriate action to remove the oryx to prevent further suffering.

The terrain and foliage here at Nduna make for challenging hunting conditions. The animals here have been hunted as an important food source for thousands of years.

Will Ian’s hunting safari end with one more species being added to his impressive collection?

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