AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun at 600 Yards Golf Ball Shot – Long Ranger Challenge
Stretching my AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun shots out even further after my 423 yard successful shot and a 440 yard shot (almost) – it was time to push it back to 600 yards for the Long Ranger Challenge. I was able to find a line of sight through the trees and swamp to the same stump platform I had been shooting at before.
I’ve replied to quite a few comments about if the ball hits the water first and I wanted to show you all a YouTube tip so you can go frame by frame and see the series of events in fractions of a second where the bullet hits the ball first and you can see the ball beginning to powderize.
So follow this tip and you will see that the bullet hits the ball first – then the stump – then the water. Hit happens so fast that you have to go frame by frame. Go directly to this link and click pause either right before or right after impact: . Use the period (.) on your keyboard to advance forward one frame at a time or the comma (,) key to reverse the video one frame at a time. You will see that the bullet hits the front part of the ball first as you see the start of the ball exploding with a small puff of white – the bullet then goes through the ball or it hit the front of it and deflected it down – then the bullet hits the base of the stump just below the water line – then the water splash pushes the ball fragments skyward. It was just a perfect combination of factors but when you watch it frame by frame – you will see what I mean. Thanks again for watching!
The High Arc Hunter 174 gr. Raptors are like shooting laser beams with the AirForce Texan .357! My gun has a fire lapped and re-chambered barrel from David Williams at Hunters Supply where he also includes a Mad Dog Raptor stock (SEND YOUR GUN TO DAVID – YOU WON’T REGRET IT!) I am also shooting with the new Hawke Frontier 5-30 x 50 TMX Reticle Scope with 1/10 MRAD turrets on a Cold Shot Adjustable 300 MOA Base.


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