AIR RIFLE Wild Hawaiian GOAT Catch Clean and Cook – Ep. 4 of 5 Hawaii Catch and Cook

Time to head out and fulfill my biggest dream for this trip to Hawaii. I love goat meat and today we are going to sight in the Air rifle and head down and catch clean and cook a goat.

Finally, Greg Ovens (Ovens Rocky Mountian Bushcraft) and I are together again on a new adventure seven days of catch and cooks in Hawaii. Greg flew all the way from Canada and I from Maine to meet up on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is the first time we’ve had a chance to make videos together in almost two years. Hawaii provides an awesome opportunity for new adventures and wonderful species of fish to catch and cook as well as goats, wild pigs, chickens, and lobsters. This is going to be an adventure you don’t wanna miss.


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