Watch Brittney Glaze hunt deer with a big bore air rifle

Emotions ride high as huntress, Brittney Glaze, goes airgun hunting for her first Axis buck deer with the 50 cal Umarex Hammer on this episode of American Airgunner TV.

Watch this episode all the way to the end and see why that Brittney calls this hunt, which originally aired on the Pursuit Channel, a “roller coaster ride”. Brittney Glaze joins Rossi Morreale while in his Prym1 Camo on this hunt hosted by Executive Outdoor Adventures and their guide, Bubba.

From smiles to tears to the harvest this big bore air gun hunt is nothing short of exciting.

A big buck. A big powerful air rifle. A huntress. A couple of cameras. And our host, Rossi, work hard to put food on the table.

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It’s Brittney’s first air rifle hunt and it’s with the most powerful production air rifle in the word, the Umarex Hammer 50 cal. This big bore airgun hunting rifle was made for big game hunts. From whitetail to wild hog to red deer to axis to American bison and beyond the Hammer is the modern version of the Lewis and Clark Girandoni air rifle. All the power without the powder. Just high pressure air, solid lead projectiles, and excellent shot placement is all it takes to stock your freezer and go from wilderness to plate.

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