Video Review: Airgun Misconceptions Video

There are many misconceptions about hunting with air rifles. In this video from American Airgunner TV, Jim Chapman, Tom Gaylord, Rick Eutsler, and Rossi Morreale dive into common misconceptions. Here are the top misconceptions we found in this video recap. 

  1. Airguns are Inaccurate: Tom Gaylord says you need to consider that airguns are different from a centerfire rifle. It is not uncommon to need different styles of holding the gun for deriving the best accuracy. Holding a centerfire rifle for deer hunting is different than an air rifle.
  2. The Faster It Shoots, The Better The Gun: Higher velocity does not mean a better gun. The speed listed on the box isn’t how you should base the performance of an air gun. Speed and velocity are a good benchmark to start with, but it depends on the weights of the bullets you shoot that will determine the gun’s effectiveness. 
  1. Airguns are noisy: Many people believe air guns need to be silenced. Especially with Spring guns, most of the noise you’ll hear is the mechanics of the air gun working. The mechanics of an air rifle do not equate to downrange sound.
  1. All Guns Are Created Equal: The barrel joints of cheap guns are not solid and wobble, leading to accuracy issues. 
  1. All Scope Are Equal: The Scopes you get in packages are prone to scope shift. Scopes are often mounted high on the gun leading to elevation issues.  
  1. Air is Hard To Find: PCPs are hard to fill is a common misconception, especially when looking into big bore air guns for hunting. PCP air rifles have plenty of great options to fill the air reservoir. There are better hand pumps, portable air tanks, and specific air gun air compressors available for sale in today’s market. 
  1. All Ammunition is Equal: One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you buy a specific air gun brand, you have to buy that particular brand ammunition. This isn’t true. Each gun needs to find which ammunition which shoots best. Finding the right ammo for your air rifle can take time and patience. 

Suppose you are considering diving into the air gun world but are concerned. In that case, this video dispels common myths with the truth about air rifles and how you can overcome some of these fundamental misconceptions about air rifles.


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