Robert G. – 96 0/8″ (Pending)

Record Stats

Cape or Southern Buffalo
(High Fence)
Hunter: Robert G.
Gross Scoring Size: 96 0/8
Continent: Africa
Date Harvested: 09/06/2018
Submission Date: 09/29/2020
Brand/Make: Western Big Bore
Model: Bushbuck
Category: Air Gun

Hunt Details

Once we were able to get ahead of the herd of Buffalo we waited for the old Duggaboy to present a broadside shot. I was able to make a good shot at about 50 yards and due to the crosswind, the Buffalo never heard the shot. He immediately dropped his head low and while reloading he managed to turn and face the opposite direction allowing me to place a second shot into his chest from the opposite side. He then laid down still only about 50 yards away. The other Buffalo then smelling blood began to hook him with their horns and kicked him getting him back up and they ran about forty yards before he collapsed again. After reloading we advanced on the bulls and I put another shot into his chest. The other bulls finally left him and I shot him one more time to make sure he was down! What an exciting, adrenaline-packed hunt!!

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