Gary S. – 97 2/8

Record Stats

Roosevelt Sable Antelope
(High Fence)
Hunter: Gary S.
Gross Scoring Size: 97 2/8
Continent: Africa
Date Harvested: 08/14/2017
Submission Date: 12/17/2020
Brand/Make: Benjamin
Model: Airbow
Category: Air archery

Hunt Details

We watched this guy for 40 minutes at the watering hole. I wanted to put an arrow in him as soon as he walked into our shooting lane but we where there to try and make the first ever Cape buffalo kill with an arrow shooting air gun. We waited and waited but no buffalo needed a drink but this beautiful sable made the mistake of staying around to long. It was almost to dark to shoot when my PH and Motshwere Safari owner Werner said I could shoot. I hit him in the left shoulder and had complete pass through. He walked about 20 steps and tipped over dead. The 125 g dangerous game fixed two blade broadhead did some serious damage. A Buffalo never did hit the dirt that trip was I would return a year later to stalk Black Death again.

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