Gary S. – 103 7/8

Record Stats

Cape or Southern Buffalo
(High Fence)
Hunter: Gary S.
Gross Scoring Size: 103 7/8
Continent: Africa
Date Harvested: 09/07/2018
Submission Date: 12/17/2020
Brand/Make: Benjamin
Model: Airbow

Hunt Details

The airbow is actually the first air gun that I owned as an adult. My buddy took me over to his friends place who was using the airbow to remove nuisance deer from his orchard. I went and shot it and was at cabelas the next day. I used my cabela points and bought it (that way the wife wouldn’t know I bought another gun) Little did I know one year later I would be in South Africa discussing our plan to take a Cape buffalo with the airbow. We had showed it to Werner (owner of Motshwere Safaris) when he came to the states for a hunt expo and after he shot it he was convinced that we could safely and humanly take an old Dugga boy with it. We studied shot placement photos and discussed our plan. He made sure to emphasize to only take a clean broadside shot. We travelled from the Limpopo area down to the Free State to hunt Black Death. It is a beautiful place and so different from the Limpopo. It reminded me of Kansas with wide open plains. The area we hunted was large and reportedly had a very old bull that had been run out of the herd. We drove the property for a bit until we saw the bull that we were after. He did not wait long after being spotted and quickly disappeared into the thick cover. I had been pretty excited up to this point but the nerves kicked in as we got out of the truck to start our stalk. Carrying only an Airgun that shoots an arrow should make you pucker a little bit when you see the size of these animals. The stalk was on and our tracker was amazing. Stalking Black Death in thick bush made the time seem very slow. After quite some time the tracker stopped and we all froze. 47 yards in front of us there was what looked like a Volkswagen bug with big ears and angry looking eyes staring right at us. We played chicken for a while just staring at each other. My awesome PH, Christo was just in front of me. He put up the shooting sticks and I set the airbow in place on the sticks and got ready hoping he would turn and give me a nice broadside view. You could see the old boys body language change and quietly Christo said, “ you must shoot, he is coming”. Now in just a few seconds I had a 20 minute conversation in my head. Things like; Werner said not to shoot if; where should I shoot; o sh$&; I did get a good travel insurance. I Slowly squeezed the trigger and that loud twang the airbow makes jolted me back to reality as I watched that arrow bury into the center of his chest. That giant bull spun and ran and all I could think of was I hope that got into the vitals. The next hour was pretty harry knowingly tracking what I hoped was a fatally hit big Cape buffalo and not just a very angry wounded buffalo. I was so relieved when we walked up to that ol boy on the ground and he was done. It was a crazy hunt. I’m grateful for an awesome PH and a good buddy, Bob who backed me up on this hunt. There is nothing like hunting Cape buffalo except doing it with an air gun!

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