Colin A- Desert Mule Deer

Record Stats

Desert Mule Deer
(Free Range)
Gross Scoring Size: 143 5/8
Continent: North America
Date Harvested: 12/03/2020
Submission Date: 12/04/2020
Brand/Make: Umarex
Model: Hammer
Category: Air rifle

Hunt Details

I’m a firm believer that as hunters what dives us is the chasing of an indescribable moment of exhilaration and responsibility that becomes frozen in time. It’s why we set forth into the cold, wet, and often times the most miserable situations trying to get closer and push beyond what’s easy.The amount of respect and gratitude I have for any animal I pursue is something I can’t describe, I can only hope I’m a worthy pursuer.In 2019 I successfully harvested a very old desert mule deer at Guitar Ranches outside of Spur TX with my bow. This year (2020) after much research I decided to push things to another level and take up big bore airgun hunting. After speaking with my guide at Guitar a few times throughout the year we had a plan... we just couldn’t account for the 35 mph winds that make hunting with an airgun even more difficult.On the second morning of our hunt, we knew our only chance was to get closer by working in over the top from the large-cap rocks and looking down into the canyons. We knew it would have to be close and potentially fast. After fighting the cold and winds all morning it wasn’t until the walk back for lunch that the ghost appeared out of nowhere at 113 yards staring right at us. Although not a distance I was hoping for it was going to be that moment or never. The crosswind died down for a split second giving me a shot opportunity. It was at that moment where it all came together and I couldn’t be more proud to have made this hunt a success.

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