The First Time Ever: American Bison Harvested with a Factory Air Gun.

For most, the thought of hunting with an air gun conjures images of the pursuit of rabbits and squirrels and birds on a wire, but no more. Umarex USA has created the Hammer, a 50 caliber pcp air rifle that has the power to harvest most any game on the planet, including a 2000lb American Bison. On this episode of Safari Hunter’s Journal, host Steve Scott puts the Hammer to the test with the very first pursuit of truly big game with a factory-made air gun at Hawks Double Mountain Ranch in Texas. The bison here are not passive creatures. Getting close requires glassing, stalking, and more than a couple of cactus-strewn belly crawls. And when the moment of truth arrives, there is no guarantee the outcome will be positive…but that’s how it goes when something happens for the very first time. It’s a bison vs. the Umarex Hammer airgun, and the outcome may surprise you.


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