Five Reasons to Hunt with Spring Piston Airguns

In this video, I’m going to give you my five reasons to hunt with spring piston airguns! Today, many hardcore airgun hunting enthusiasts have switched over to using precharged pneumatic airguns, and this is where arguably, the bulk of industry R&D is focused. Having said this, to me, airgun hunting with a spring piston air rifle is the foundation of the sport.

In this video, I’ll give you five compelling reasons to keep your springers in the active rotation of hunting air rifles. This is not my standard hunting video in which I take you on an airgun hunting adventure, though there is a short jackrabbit hunt I did a couple weeks ago with my buddy Chacho out in West Texas.

In this video I tried to answer some often asked questions: do I still use springers, are springer a good option for hunting, why do I use them, how do I set my hunting springers up, how do I use them, etc..? In this video I’ll start off getting my gun ready for hunting, discuss what I look for in the springers I hunt with, and discuss taking them into the field. Stick around to the end when I give you my five main reasons for using springers.

This is a long video and was more complicated to edit than most, but if it is the type of content you want let me know and I’ll keep it coming. If you don’t find it worthwhile, let me know that too, and I’ll shift my focus to other areas!

I noticed after uploading that I forgot to update the closing credits, and I need to acknowledge Chacho Gonzales and Glenn Elliott for providing additional video used in this production. Two great spring piston airgun hunters, thanks!


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